Service support     

What is the quality and guarantee of the products of Annack-Military Clothing?     

Our products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen using quality materials and have a one year warranty against manufacturing defect.

Are the products the same as the photographs?     

All of them respond to the specified characteristics, for their animal origin the horn handles may vary slightly. In the case that there are different measures, colors, sizes, not all of them must necessarily be represented in a photograph on the web.     

Can I buy from my country?     

From Annack Military Clothing, we send our products to any country in the world, except for firearms that have restrictions in some countries     

How long do shipments take?     

Normally they take between 2 and 4 days in the Iberian Peninsula, depending on availability of size, color, etc.     

Where do I receive the items?     

The products are sent directly to the address that the buyer wants and that typically appear in their register.

How is an item returned?    

The products can be returned up to 365 days after purchase, provided they are in perfect condition and have not been used. The customer will be responsible for returning the item to the facilities of Annack Ropa Militar to proceed with the change.     

How I can pay?

You can pay by sending the number of your Visa, Mastercard or American Express card along with the expiration date, by completing the order form.     You can also make the payment by bank transfer or money order by Western Union or PayPal for which we will provide you with the necessary information.     In Spain, it is possible to send cash on delivery, after consulting the telephone.     

Are taxes included in the price?

All prices that appear on our website include taxes (VAT - VAT).     The final purchase price is shown in the order form, indicating the amount corresponding to the applicable taxes according to the country of destination chosen.

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