Gilet pare-balles 

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  • Plaque anti-traumatisme des gilets pare-balles. Promo!

    Plaque anti-traumatisme des gilets...Plaque anti-traumatisme des gilets...

    Plaque anti-traumatisme des gilets pare-balles.Plaque anti-traumatisme des gilets pare-balles.

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  • Chaleco antibalas GK. Promo!

    Gilet pare-balles GK.Gilet pare-balles GK.

    Description Produit TIMECOP II concealable vest Evolution of the official FRENCH POLICE vest. We have recently improved this well acknowledged bullet proof vest for added comfort and to better meet your needs Ergonomically cut and designed to suit both female and male users Natural custom fit Improved ease of movement Comfortable and unobtrusive Features...Description Produit TIMECOP II concealable vest Evolution of the...

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